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Essentials Indonesia

Essentials Indonesia is a producer and distributor of Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) or often referred to as Pure Coconut Oil.


Our Virgin Coconut Oil is 100% natural and organic is derived from the freshest coconut Indonesia can offer. We are using Cold Processed and Cold Pressed technology to produces the best Virgin Coconut oil that can be used for all personal, home, and/or industry.


Our products have many benefits and can replace the products that you are currently using, From frying to body moisturizer and also can be taken directly or mixed with various favorite foods and drinks for those of you who are on a specific diet.

Products We Offer


Premium Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin Premium Coconut Oil (PVCO) is the purest and best oil produced using cold pressed methods. This type can be used externally, to prepare your food or be consumed immediately with a little taste and aroma of coconut. A spoonful a day can make miracles in your body.


VCO for Cosmetics

Coconut Oil produced by Essentials Indonesia can be used for making soap, pomade, shampoo, toothpaste and other beauty or cosmetics products. By using coconut oil from us, it can improve the quality of your derivative products.


Premium Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Our Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is the purest and best oil from our production. This type can be used in various ways: externally to treat wounds as well as body moisturizers, to prepare your food and be consumed immediately. This is our best seller product

Other usability and benefits of our VCO

Apart from the usability that we have mentioned above, other usage of the products we offer can be useful and also used, among others:


  • Fertilize hair

  • Salad and cake mixture

  • Maintain oral health (oil pulling)

  • Massage oil

  • Make Up Remover

  • Reduces facial wrinkles

  • As a body scrub

  • Reduces itching due to insect bites

  • And other benefits and uses



To find out more and buy products we can contact us directly through the WhatsApp or FB Messenger application by pressing the button on the bottom right of your screen or you can press the button below that will direct you to our online store.

Change to a healthier lifestyle immediately and get the benefits of our VCO superfood.


"The first wealth is health"

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Jl. Ngebelcilik 29c, Sardonoharjo, Ngaglik, Sleman, DIY 55581, Indonesia